Workspace stuck on building image

I have been trying to access my workspace for over 30 minutes now and it just seems to be stuck on ‘Building Image’ (Attached a screenshot). I have tried logging in and out and restarting my browser but that hasn’t helped, not sure what to do about this.

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Hi Zainab! Sorry about this, we’re currently investigating. I’ll keep you updated!

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Here’s an update: Gitpod Status - Workspace image builds stopped working

Let me know if you’ve got any more issues!

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Hi - I am having the same issue with just one of my workspaces only (screenshot attached). Is the solution still just to wait for 1h for the process to timeout?


I waited for about 12 hours and it was still stuck on building image, so I just started a new workspace again. If you give it a couple of hours it might work for you.


There are some unstaged changes saved in the workspace I would really like not to use so hopefully it works!

Does anyone from GitPod know why this is happening?

Hey folks! @zainabmeerza @thaysom22 Please see: Images stuck in "Building Image" message · Issue #5005 · gitpod-io/gitpod · GitHub