Workspace stuck on build and build log not working

Hey guys,

I have a workspace(amber-vicuna-xlkfbboa) stuck on building, and there’s nothing in the build log. My friend on the american servers is not having any issue. Is this a Europe cluster only problem right now? How do I fix it?


I am having the exact same issue here. It worked this morning but it has been stuck on “Building Image” for a while now.

Hi @pretentious7 and @Franciskadtt – welcome to the Gitpod community!

We’re so sorry about the stuck image builds. The problem should be resolved now, but it was due to a new experimental image builder that we’ve just enabled, but quickly disabled again because it didn’t behave as we expected.

I’ll update accordingly.

Could you please try opening your workspace again? It should work again now (sorry for the inconvenience!)

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Update: I’ve logged Gitpod Status - Workspace image builds stopped working on Gitpod’s status page.

Please allow for up to 1h for the workspaces & prebuilds that are currently stuck in “Building Image” to time out automatically, after which you will be able to start them again normally.

Alternatively, please feel free to create a fresh new workspace and continue working in there, if that’s possible.

Again, we’re very sorry for this disruption.

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yep new ones are working, thanks!


New workspace:

Error: build failed: rpc error: code = Internal desc = cannot create build volume: cannot create build volume:

Running into this as well

Error: build failed: rpc error: code = Internal desc = cannot create build volume: cannot create build volume:

@dmux @carlosdp Hmm, thanks for reporting. That’s a different issue, and we’re seeing it as well. Currently investigating.

Hi @jan mine is still saying building image even after opening the workspace again.

unable to build very simple Dockerfile


dpkg-deb (subprocess): failed to create directory: No space left on device


FROM gitpod/workspace-full:latest

RUN sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -yq && sudo apt -y install valgrind

@Franciskadtt oh. Thanks for reporting this. My affected workspace is also still stuck, 2h later:

That’s unexpected. :confused: Will have a look to see if I can somehow “unstuck” them again.

@xangelix Aha, “No space left on device” sounds like a different issue. Usually that’s an incident where some disk becomes full, and a Gitpod SRE needs to jump into to the server to fix the situation (we have an on-call rotation with alerts/pagers, so usually resolution for this is pretty quick). Does it happen again if you retry a bit later?

appears resolved now :+1:

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@Franciskadtt Hmm, I’m sorry, I’m not able to successfully “force-stop” a workspace. What I’ll do instead is open an issue so that the team can look into it.

Meanwhile, is it possible for you to create a new workspace and work in that? Also, please note that you can “Download” the workspace (from in the context menu of your workspace) in case there are unsaved files in there that you would like to retrieve.

Again, sorry for the inconvenience.

EDIT: I’ve logged this issue: so that we remember to fix all “stuck” workspace instances (this doesn’t normally happen, but can happen accidentally e.g. when there are incidents disturbing normal operations).


My workspace has been stuck on Building Image for 2 hours now and no sign of timing out to allow me to restart it. What can I do?

Kind regards

Hi Jan, thanks for coming back to me. Thanks, if they can that would be great because I did have some unsaved items and therefore I will have to reinstall some things. I did download the workspace thanks. Should I add my workspace name to the github link there?

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Hey @Sharon-B and @Franciskadtt, sorry again for the stuck workspaces. There is no need to provide the workspace name/link/ID here, because we’ll likely want to fix all stuck workspaces (e.g. based on a query).

You can also subscribe to this issue to be notified when there is progress on that.

Hi, @Pauline I am having the same issue.
My can neither start nor stop it and it hangs in the state “Stopping”.

My workspace ID: 843cba60-a768-4ece-bd90-0f9929091bd3

Best, Filipe

Hi @Filipe-Pacheco, your workspace should have stopped now. Apologises!