Workspace Stuck in [Allocating resources …] And Lost Data

Please help me!

And my data is in server[us15],but when I click download workspace data, it begin download data from server[us01] which is wrong, lost all of my uncommitted changes, can I get my data back?! It’s really important for me!!!

Same here

Yup. Same here. I am surprised Gitpod doesn’t have some way of monitoring this. I assume they collect stats on things like the allocation of new workspaces. It’s the middle of the day in Asia, they should have someone monitoring the system.

This is resolved now. Apologies for the trouble.

See and Gitpod Status - Some workspaces will not start

FWIW we do have monitoring, alerting, and an on-call schedule. Unfortunately, this outage went under our radar (and it should not!). Sorry again. We know reliability is the foundation for a service like Gitpod and we are constantly working on getting better at this.