Workspace pool node size

Hello Team,

I have self-hosted gitpod installed on google cloud and facing below memory issue:

I think this is because of workspace-pool node size.
Can you please help me to change the size of workspace-pool node in google cloud.

Hi @sumitrathi95,
ephemeral storage is the disk which is used to store data for the pods. I would suggest to use at least 100GB of storage for a node.

Hello @wulfthimm,

Could you please help me with this on gke environment how to change it. Do you have any script or command to do so?

We have a Terraform script that sets up a whole GKE environment setting all values that are suited for a small team for up to 20 users.

Thanks @wulfthimm,

But, I have already running environment and users are using it. If I use above setup then it will be lose the data. Can you please help me with specific steps to change workspace-pool disk size?

No problem, you can simply add a new nodepool to host the workspaces with a greater disk size or you add an extra disk which can later be used to store workspace data or docker images. But to do that, the Gitpod installation has to be changed.
After adding a new nodepool, auto-scaling has to be disabled, if you have it enabled, and the old nodes have to be cordoned using the GCP console. That will prevent pods from beeing deployed on the old nodepool. All Gitpod services have to be restarted, so that all pods are running on the new nodepool. Then the old nodepool can be removed. Make sure that no workspace is running on them.