Workspace not opening

After Gitpod update that can select Theia or VSCode, Workspace is not opening when I select VSCode for default IDE.
However, it looks like opened normally in dashboard.
I want to know why this error is occured and how solve this problem?

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Hey @ji5485, welcome to the Gitpod community! :tada:

Could you share the steps you’re following? An example repository could also help.

Hi :smile:
If I select Theia for default IDE, workspace opens well.
However, after selection vscode, workspaces not open whatever.

First, I opened existing workspace, but it isn’t working.
Then deleted that and reopened workspace using context URL.
It was same.
Last, I checked example workspaces are opening well.

This is my workspace link which i had last on 17/03/21.But today i tried to open my workspace its showing “Workspace not found”.Please help in getting my code back.

Hi @asifansari299, welcome to the Gitpod community!

Indeed, since this workspace was stopped for more than 14 days, and it wasn’t “pinned”, it got automatically marked for deletion (also known as “garbage collected”) by Gitpod:

See also:

Fortunately, your workspace was still within the “grace period” (time during which a garbage collected workspace can still be restored), so I was able to restore it. I’ve also “pinned” it, so that it cannot be garbage collected again.

You should now be able to see your workspace again under: