"Workspace not found!", all pinned workspaces gone

I was suddenly disconnected from my workspace (https://gitpod.io/start/#scarlet-pelican-10fcedng). I went to https://gitpod.io/workspaces to open it again, and right as I clicked it in the interface I believe I saw all my pinned workspaces suddenly disappear one by one. The workspace now says “Oh, no! Something went wrong! Workspace not found! Workspace not found!”

My dashboard now shows no active workspaces. If I navigate to “Filter: All” I can only see my recently created unpinned workspaces. Are any of my workspaces recoverable? This is a nightmare - I must have had at least a dozen created over the last few years, several with uncommitted changes.

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Yes, I lost my workspaces, too. I just gave it up to recover… :sob:

We are looking into this.

We’ve found the deletion got caused because of a bug in the new dashboard. Luckily we keep a grace period until we finally delete the contents and will restore your workspaces now.


This should be resolved now. Please reach out if you’re still missing any data.

Hi, my workspace has been completely cleared leaving only a README file in the explorer. My html and css files are not appearing. Could this be due to the new dashboard?

Hi @dmallon1983!

Could you please share the workspace id?
Also, please share some details on when you’ve been working on it, and when did you stop it :pray:

Hi Alex. I’m pretty new to Gitpod so forgive me if I make any mistakes! :joy:

I’ve attached a screenshot below. The repo I had been working on last Saturday was my-first-repo. I had created an html file and a CSS file both of which I had work in.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

@dmallon1983, please be more specific. You know the day, ok. Do you see that workspace of your in the list of workspaces? Pay attention to the Last Start column.

If you find the stopped workspace entry in that list, you should be able to start it from there. Just click on the name of the workspace.

Still missing a lot of workspaces, including the one mentioned in my original post.

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Could you look into this again? I’m still missing a lot of workspaces.

Hey Darryl, is this still a problem?
I checked the database and the workspace is not marked as deleted anymore.


It’s not showing up in my workspaces page, and navigating there gives me the error:
“Oh, no! Something went wrong! Workspace not found!”

If it helps, here are some more workspaces with the same problem that I happen to still have links for. They were pinned at the time of their disappearance along with many others.

@jan @svenefftinge Are my workspaces still around?

Hey, could you please check again for the workspaces I mentioned?

Hy Darryl,

sorry for the delay. We’ve figured out the issue and are going to fix it today.
Your workspaces do still exist.


The workspace should be back now.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Hi All,

I’ve experienced the same problem as well.

Can you help?

Hi @boki146, welcome to the Gitpod community! :tada:

Sure, I can restore your workspace harlequin-possum-b8jgsq4j (it’s marked as deleted by user, but it’s still within the grace period, so the content is recoverable).

EDIT: Workspace harlequin-possum-b8jgsq4j restored and pinned :white_check_mark: