Workspace caching

I am running Gitpod self-hosted(v0.8) on AWS. I am trying to understand how the workspace image caching works on Gitpod. From my experiments I found that the base images are cached based on the sha256 globally for an installation but I am fuzzy on what are the different layers that are on top of the base image that are added in order to create the workspace image. I see the logs from ws-manager saying adding Gitpod layer, creating workspace image. Can anyone help me understand what exactly is happening in these stages?

Thanks :slight_smile:

You’ll find the layers that are added to the base images in the Dockerfiles in these folders:

One more question…The code in the repository is added after building the workspace image as a volume mount?

Yes, but this is subject to change in the future (see also Full Workspace Backup in our Roadmap).

Oh great thanks! :smiley: