Welcome to the Gitpod Community Forum! πŸŽ‰

Welcome to the Gitpod Community Forum! :tada: This place is for:

  • :question: Asking general questions about Gitpod
  • :wrench: Getting help with Gitpod (please include URLs & error logs)
  • :rocket: Requesting a free Pull Request to automate your dev setup (we do those!)
  • :sparkles: Showing cool projects related to Gitpod
  • :+1: Anything else about Gitpod – if you’re unsure just ask

Please be respectful and kind to everyone. :heart:


Thank you. I’m currently on the Full Stack Web Developer course and have been recommended to use Gitpod.
@matt_ci please could you add me to the plan so I can start my milestone 2 project without fear of losing my my workspace?

Many thanks


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Hi @isiko1! Welcome to the Gitpod community! :slight_smile: I believe you meant to ping @matt_ci on Code Institute’s Slack instead of here (you’re currently posting in the public community welcome thread :blush:)