Welcome to the Gitpod Community Forum! 🎉

Welcome to the Gitpod Community Forum! :tada: This place is for:

  • :question: Asking general questions about Gitpod
  • :wrench: Getting help with Gitpod (please include URLs & error logs)
  • :rocket: Requesting a free Pull Request to automate your dev setup (we do those!)
  • :sparkles: Showing cool projects related to Gitpod
  • :+1: Anything else about Gitpod – if you’re unsure just ask

Please be respectful and kind to everyone. :heart:


Thank you. I’m currently on the Full Stack Web Developer course and have been recommended to use Gitpod.
@matt_ci please could you add me to the plan so I can start my milestone 2 project without fear of losing my my workspace?

Many thanks


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Hi @isiko1! Welcome to the Gitpod community! :slight_smile: I believe you meant to ping @matt_ci on Code Institute’s Slack instead of here (you’re currently posting in the public community welcome thread :blush:)


Hi there! I’m new here. I was wondering if i could get some help with installing Python and any other languages here on Gitpod? Thanks in advance :grin:

Hi @randyaajr, welcome to the Gitpod community! :tada:

(Please note that you’re currently posting in the official welcome post. For future messages, please create a new topic dedicated to your specific question.)

Regarding installing languages, most programming languages should actually work out-of-the-box in Gitpod, without any configuration required. For example, that should be the case for Python (should already work fine by default on Gitpod).

But if you find something in Gitpod that doesn’t work the way you’d expect, please report it in a new topic and we’ll gladly help you figure it out.

Happy coding! :blush:

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