Websocket Woes

Hey everyone,

Is anyone else getting an alert about websocket connections being blocked? First time I’ve seen that on GitPod and I’m experiencing the same result via two independent connections that both loaded Gitpod fine prior to today.

It still seems to eventually load up the pod list at least.


Unfortunately, I could not reproduce it. Are you sure that you don’t have some software blocking the connection like VPN, Firewall or antivirus? Could you try to disable it and see whether it helps. Maybe some Chrome extension if you are using Chrome.

Hmm, the only thing that has been changed is a chrome update. Chrome OS Beta v91.0.4472.25

I think it may be an issue with my version of Chrome or something, worked fine for a bit after restarting but now it is buggy again. The current beta is not the most stable :frowning:

Just saw this now. Been having the same issue Websocket issues on Chrome OS

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I’m having the same problem. Is there any workaround this?

Hi @lulz290788 and welcome to the forum!

Kindly see the link above for context; the best solution seems to be going back to stable.

We are not going to test Gitpod against beta versions of browser. They are by definition can have bugs. For the best experience please use stable versions. If you use beta versions don’t forget to report such issues to browser developers.

That makes sense; I’ve never had such a huge issue on beta before so I assumed it was unrelated.