Vetur extension not working


I just tried to install Vetur ( for our Vue.js project, but got an error saying “Activating extension Vetur failed: Cannot read property ‘includes’ of undefined.” Locally in VSCode this works without problems.
After this message, syntax highlighting works, but everything else (e.g., autocomplation in TS code) doese not.

Are there any known issues with vetur in Gitpod?

Workspace id this is happening in: c9293224-105c-442b-b664-6182d5b35713

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Hm I also tried the repositories linked in the official Gitpod documentation, but had no luck.
It’s strange that vetur explicitly is mentioned in the Gitpod docs ( but does not work. In the screenshot it does seem to work though :confused: If there are any additional setup steps to be taken, it would be really helpful if those were documented.

I also found this issue on GitHub regarding Vetur not working, but it seems to be stale:

Can anyone give me hint regarding the status of this issue? Maybe @JesterOrNot / @svenefftinge as you also answered on the issue :slight_smile:

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This has been fixed already in our staging environment. We are working on getting it out ASAP, but cannot yet commit on a day, but will be this month.


Awesome! Thank you so much :slight_smile: