Using Gitlab VSCode extension on Gitpod?


I am trying to use the Gitlab VSCode extension on Gitpod. Its setup is pretty straightforward: get an access token, paste it in the VSCode menu, and you are ready to go.
In Gitpod all Dev environments are ephemeral, so the access token is not persisted between workspaces somewhere. The only way that I can think of right now is that I can make the access token available as an environment variable so that VSCode can pick it up from there.

Has someone gotten the Gitlab VSCode extension to work on Gitpod?

Thank you in advance!


Hey Jonas,

ideally, you would be able to reuse the GitLab token that is already created for Gitpod.
We are working with GitLab on this. See make use of authentication api (#337) · Issues · / gitlab-vscode-extension · GitLab

There’s also a discussion going on to support environment variables in the meantime.

Thanks Sven - looking forward to seeing this integrated in the extension!