Unable to spinup workspace in self hosted gitpod

Hi All,

I am trying to host gitpod in GKE through helm. When I am trying to spin up new workspace it opens a tab and fails with below error . I am trying to use built in minio .

cannot initialize workspace: cannot use configured storage

This is the entry I add in values.yaml. Am I supposed to do any further change.

accessKey: <>
secretKey: <>

Hi Team can someone please help with this… Application seems to try accessing minio through ingress of minio rather than service minio:9000 and failing…

That’s true. That was necessary for security reasons because workspaces are not allowed to access any Kubernetes services but internet resources only. Can you configure your ingress to route the minio address to the proxy pod? Don’t know how you configured your ingress …

@corneliusludmann Thanks for the response. I am just running helm install with charts gitpod.io/gitpod --version=0.7.0-beta1 which in turn doesn’t seem to have any ingress creation yaml . So only minio service is getting created. So I was trying to create minio ingress as below but that ingress is failing health check in GKE.

I have already added an A record to link Load balancer service created for proxy pod to gitpod-poc.chaitu.io . If you have any specific sample of minio ingress to be used that you can share will be really helpful.

apiVersion: extensions/v1beta1
kind: Ingress
name: minio
namespace: gitpod-poc

Sorry, I’m not familiar with the GKE ingress. But the GKE ingress should route everything to the proxy pod. The proxy should have a rule for minio as well.

Ohh ok

@corneliusludmann - Thanks for the direction. I have missed the obvious point in Selfhosting guide. Fixed this by adding 3 seperate A records to proxy external loadbalancer.

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