Unable to open workspace


I’m having problems opening a particular workspace -


Hangs at the loading page with no message. Main workspace screen shows it as green and open.

Could you please investigate?


Looking into it now.

You landed on a fresh node and experienced the full waiting time for pulling our large docker images (4 minutes). Sorry for that. The workspace runs now.

Great thanks!

Sorry but it looks like its still not opening for me.

Outch, sorry I missed your message. Please let me know if you still need help with something.

We’ve seen this a couple times now that some workspaces don’t get past the loading screen (https://gitpod.io/workspaces/ says it’s “running”, but actually you never get to the IDE).

We’re investigating what causes this. But it seems that you can work around it by going back to your repository, and opening it in Gitpod again (i.e. creating a new Gitpod workspace for your GitHub repository).

I hope I’m not too late here.
Currently having possibly the same issue.

Going back to the Dashboard and even trying to open a completely new workspace, I’m still stuck on the loading screen.

Hi @OptimisticShaggy! I’d love to help. I don’t see any issue at the moment with workspaces, can you give us a repo name? Or user name so that we can look at this for you (if you’re still experiencing it.)

It would be helpful if you can share your browser console logs too. As well as what @Pauline asked above :+1:

I am also facing the same issue. The workspace was force closed after 5 days as per email communication to me but my billing hours are now showing blank (just nothing) and any new workspace just refuses to open up saying “Credits needed”. Did the dangling workspace eat up my billing hours?

Hi @humble-barnacle001! Sorry that you experienced this, can you email us again with your username? I’ll check your account for you.

Just seen your email! Will respond there :slight_smile:

Hey thanks.