Unable to connect to workspace - Host header truncated


I try to install self-hosted gitpod on Vanilla k8s. I’m very close to the end but I still cannot connect to “project workspace”. It looks like a network issue because somewhere in gitpod code my Host is truncated.

My values.yaml:

  # This field must be set to your domain name. Leaving it set to its default value will result in
  # a non-functional installation.
  hostname: web.gitpod.os.mydomainname.tld

So when my web browser is accessing an URL like “https://d38fc373-6f77-42f4-a47f-c79b36f3dbfe.ws.web.gitpod.os.mydomainname.tld” I receive an HTTP 200 but the second request fails because the TLD is truncated from URL like this:

Request URL: web.gitpod.os.mydomainname/start/  (TLD is truncated)
Referer: d38fc373-6f77-42f4-a47f-c79b36f3dbfe.ws.web.gitpod.os.mydomainname.tld/

Then my web browser try to get a WSS connection and is facing the same issue:

Request URL: web.gitpod.os.mydomainname/api/gitpod  (TLD is truncated)
Host: web.gitpod.os.mydomainname (TLD truncated again)
Origin: d38fc373-6f77-42f4-a47f-c79b36f3dbfe.ws.web.gitpod.os.mydomainname.tld

Node-daemon looks clear:

node/k8s-gitpod-worker-0.gitpod.os..mydomainname.tld patched
Theia (version v0.4.0) became available - we've marked the node
node/k8s-gitpod-worker-0.gitpod.os..mydomainname.tld not patched
ws-sync became available - we've marked the node

Do you have any idea?

(I had to remove HTTPS because i’m a new user)

Best regards,

And i got this error too:

cannot initialize workspace: cannot connect to ws-sync: cannot connect to ws-sync: cannot connect to workspace sync

Is it the same as in this thread: Workspace FQDN being truncated for wss ?

yeah it looks like it’s the same.

I didnt find this thread when I googled/DDG it.

I will change my FQDN and keep you updated. It will take few days because I cannot use letsencrypt in mydomainname.tld

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