Ubuntu as image type on K8s nodes


I remember seeing in the documentation once that Gitpod K8s cluster master nodes had COS whereas nodepool nodes had Ubuntu as image type. Is that still a requirement for Gitpod that the worker nodes should have Ubuntu or would COS work as well?



we have no particular requirements towards the K8s master nodes - COS works fine, but so should everything else. :slight_smile:
On the worker nodes you can also use most distribution, with a few caveats:

  • you need to run containerd as container runtime - others like Docker or cri-o do not work
  • some features, namely “root access” (enabled view feature preview) do indeed require Ubuntu. There is work underway to remove this dependency.

We are also currently working on a Platform Support Matrix that would clearly list which platforms/K8s/Linux distributions we support to which degree.

Hi, Thanks for the update on this. Our security guidelines require COS on the worker nodes as well so eagerly looking forward to the feature. :slight_smile: