The Unofficial Gitpod 0.5.0 Installation via Helm Chart Guide


After struggling through installing Gitpod over the last week or so I put together a guide which some may find helpful.

If I’ve missed anything or provided any misinformation please don’t hesitate to let me know. Hopefully the Gitpod team will get some official documentation together soon but this should hold us over until then!



That is fantastic! Thanks a lot for sharing! :star_struck:

Great work!
I have not read all the details yet, but I have one question:

In the beginning, you use and there charts/Charts.yaml (with replaced contents).


now you should be all set to deloy! First lets add the Gitpod Helm charts repository:

helm repo add
helm dep update

And build with

helm upgrade --install gitpod gitpod/gitpod --timeout 60m --values values.yaml -n gitpod

Does this command use gitpod from the added repo or from to deploy the application? If latter, did we then need This could be confusing.

good work

btw the extension installation bug is also fix in that same issue u refer to on your blog :wink:

You’re welcome!

@cass - You know that’s a really good question which I am afraid I am not sure of the answer. I could absolutely be wrong here, but I believe since you’re specifying gitpod/gitpod in the helm install command it will use the ones from the repository. I am not well versed in Helm but I’ll try to find the answer today. If anyone else knows, please feel free to chime in!

@hm2075 - I am still having issues installing extensions :sob:

I also believe this. Further, when I explicitly use the files from the master rep, I get some errors, cause some templates from the master repo do not work with my values.yml. But the values.yml works with the older files from gitpod 0.5.0 from Sorry, sounds complicated.

However, great guide. Let’s wait for the next release, I think this will also contain the fix to install the extensions. Tomorrow, if the fix will be in the master repo, I will try to just update the faulty pod. Maybe this will help to get the fix a bit earlier :slight_smile:

@cass - I can confirm that using that command does use the repository charts. Using the following command in the gitpod/charts directory will use the templates from the templates folder in that directory:

helm upgrade --install gitpod . --timeout 60m --values values.yaml -n gitpod

For whatever reason the URL of my post changed, it’s Jimmy B. - The Unofficial Gitpod 0.5.0 Installation via Helm Chart Guide now. I would assume the guide should still work for 0.5.0 and above, but I am not 100% sure.