Terminal stops working


I had some rare cases where the integrated Terminal stopped working for me. Even after a complete restart of Gitpod the terminal is still unusable.
With unusable I mean: All my terminals are just empty and I can’t write anything to them, or at least it is not displayed.

A workspace where this happened: sapphire-ox-8jer56dv
The terminal looks like this:

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I having this issue too. It do not understand why this happens because it is not all the time.
The usual workaround I use is to stop and delete the workspace and start it again. Sometimes just start and stop will help.

But it is a terrible blocker sometimes.

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I am seeing this as well. Terminals look “stuck”, trying to open a new one, and it doesn’t show anything in it. I’ll try stop/start workspace, it usually resolves it.

Devtools Console shows this:

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(index):1 [Deprecation] ::-webkit-details-marker pseudo element selector is deprecated. Please use ::marker instead. See https://chromestatus.com/feature/6730096436051968 for more details.
start-workspace.tsx:139 /start: started workspace instance: 8d9dcfff-5fb3-4e97-a7b0-db280205b97e
/manifest.json:1 Manifest: property 'start_url' ignored, should be same origin as document.
/_supervisor/v1/status/supervisor:1 Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 502 ()
webWorkerExtensionHost.ts:113 The web worker extension host is started without an iframe sandbox!
log.ts:197   ERR Error: [File Watcher (node.js)] Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, stat '/home/gitpod/.gitpod-code/User/snippets'
extensionDescriptionRegistry.ts:41 Extension `entepe85.gitlens` is already registered
console.ts:137 [Extension Host] Extension `entepe85.gitlens` is already registered (at ExtensionDescriptionRegistry._initialize (/ide/out/vs/workbench/services/extensions/node/extensionHostProcess.js:42457:29))
abstractExtensionService.ts:717 Activating extension 'entepe85.gitlens' failed: Cannot read property 'packageJSON' of undefined.

I think there are 2 independent issues:

In regards of Theia, I checked logs of sapphire-ox-8jer56dv and Theia stopped listening to terminals because they were killed. @Sandared Were you able to start other terminals or all terminals were broken even new? Are you sure that you did not try to close terminals which triggered a kill somehow?

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Hi @akosyakov :slight_smile:

IIRC all terminals stopped working and even terminals that were created after that did not show anything.
I did not try to close any of them.

Hmm, that’s strange. Thanks for these reports!

I’ve also had a few “broken” Terminals in Theia recently, but only in a specific repository. The flow looked something like this:

  • New Terminal works
  • Run build, which prints a lot of things (with colors, unsure if relevant)
  • Terminal does not display my input anymore (but I can “blindly” type commands and I still get output for them, so the Terminal is not “frozen”)

I haven’t seen Terminals go completely empty like in your screenshot (yet).

I agree there are likely at least 2 independent issues here. We should probably open separate issues for them in https://github.com/gitpod-io/gitpod/issues with:

  • as many details as possible on the observed symptoms (e.g. screenshots)
  • reproduction steps, or at least some context/suspicions of what could have lead to the problem (e.g. running a build?)
  • relevant (internal) logs from the affected workspaces if available

Not sure if this is somehow relevant to this issue, but my colleague today got another error in the terminal, which is really strange (and somehow beautiful ;))
Browser was Edge (Version 88.0.705.74 (Official build) (64-bit))
It suddenly appeared in one terminal and then popped up in others.

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Hi @jan ,

today I got antoher weird terminal behavior.
I disconnected my PC from the docking station and afterwards the terminal in Gitpod looked like this:

Even after refreshing the browser tab this state persisted. Howver creating a new tab with the same running workspace resolved it.

Kind regards,

Hey @Sandared! Not sure if undocking is related here.

I’d suggest to switch to Code editor in the near future as the plan is to default to Code and allow Theia only as a custom IDE image. The follow up issue in https://github.com/gitpod-io/gitpod/issues/3127 should also improve the terminals in Code editor.

For me this happens with VSCode and is happening a lot with tasks.

I was trying to configure some tasks and it continues gets stuck.

For now the only workaround that works is to stop the workspace and start it again.