Terminal keyboard language/layout

Since Friday last week (27th August) our team’s terminals appear to be enforcing a US keyboard layout.

We’ve been using Gitpod for many months (the base image we use hasn’t changed) and usually don’t have any problems with typing in our GB keyboard layout.

Is anyone else outside the US experiencing this? It’s really frustrating - especially with quotes!

Thanks :pray:

Hi David,

I’m sorry to hear that. I’ve filed an issue and we’ll be sure to look into this.

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With which browser does it happen and operating system?

Could you try to follow Keybinding Issues · microsoft/vscode Wiki · GitHub? Not sure though whether they cover web version.

@akosyakov It happens for all of our team (mostly based in the UK and also one of our team who is in Portugal). We use Chrome on Ubuntu primarily.

I’m not sure what to try from that Wiki article. To confirm, everything works fine when editing files, it is only in the Gitpod Code terminal that the issue has recently started to happen (i.e. Shift+2 becomes an @ symbol, which should be " in the UK).

For instance:

use "keyboard.dispatch": "keyCode" in your settings

and reload the page, if not then revert it. If it does not help I will debug it tomorrow.


  • open an editor.
  • Run F1 > Developer: Inspect key mappings
  • trigger bogus sequence
  • save the output to a file

and attach it to the issue

@davidwindell Could you confirm that you also have GB keyboard layout configured on OS level when it happens? i…e the same keyboard layout is specified in VS Code and in Ubuntu?

@akosyakov keycode doesn’t appear to have changed anything.

Here is the output of Inspect Key Mappings https://gist.github.com/davidwindell/fb00ce4b7906c1af1bad8ebf26554293

Yes, OS has GB keyboard layout configured in my case. To confirm, this only recently started happening in the terminal, everything works fine in the editor.

We can reproduce this issue with any application embedding xterm: xtermjs/xterm.js#3459

Could you try #5017 (comment) as a work around?