Syncwave 84 Themes Problem

Hello everybody

i have a little luxury problem: i’m a big fan of robb owens syncwave84 theme ( ) . i could install it manually and it works. Unfortunately, to activate the glow, you would have to start Theia as admin and run “enable neon dreams” in the command line.

As a workaround, many write for VS Code that they saved the css in a writable location and then somehow activated it. unfortunately, I often don’t understand what is meant. but i know it is an authorization problem and i would have to change the path to the css.

question: is there anyone else who uses this theme and can give me a few tips?
where are the themes stored in theia? unfortunately i can’t find anything.
i use the gitpod/workspace-full

I am grateful for every hint.
PS: this text is translated by google (deutsch > englisch) :slight_smile:

thx and greetings chris

Sorry, I fear we cannot solve this atm as Theia is indeed served from a readonly FS.

Ok. :relieved: Thx for your answer.