Support for subdomains?

Congrats on the launch!

we have a project that runs through subdomains, i.e. and etc…

When I run the project on gitpod, it opens something like

I tried to prefix it with our subdomain like so:
but got redirected elsewhere


[original thread by Salem Korayem]

Hi Salem,
at the moment we do not have support for custom subdomains. However, in many cases all you need for your code to work is a correct Host header. That’s something that a reverse proxy can do for you. Maybe something like tinyproxy, using Go’s built-in reverse proxy, or might do the trick.

Coming to think of it, this kind of feature might make sense in gp forward-port as well.


This is something we need as well.

In localhost, we have something like,, and others

@kevinhq Have you tried to use the local companion: Gitpod Local Companion - localhost is going remote In such case your app will be available on localhost as usual and you can have subdomain on localhost.


This is really awesome. Nice work!

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