Stuck on pulling container image


This morning got stuck here for several minutes:

Closed the browser window a few times and tried to access though open on the workspace entry in my Brought back to the same creating page above several times. After about ~7 minutes the workspace started and was able to access it.

Just wondering why this was happening and if this is common? I’ve only been using gitpod for a couple of days and first time I’ve seen this. There’s a few similar topics on the forum.

The workspace is pretty vanilla (no custom docker image, nothing run in .gitpod.yml, one custom setting in .vscode/settings.json). I’m exploring whether gitpod works in a teaching setup with possibly around 250-500 students opening up workspaces during a class, and having to wait a long time for workspaces to start will be an issue.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey Jam,

super sorry you had that experience. We are suffering from a bug in containerd that blocks image pulls sometimes (it doesn’t pull in parallel). We are going to roll out a fix in the next two weeks.



Great, thanks for the update. I can see why not pulling images in parallel might cause a delay :slight_smile:

Hi, i’m facing the same issue. Is there any development?

Unfortunatelly I get the Error

when restarting the browser / waiting couple minutes

trying to pull python:3.9-alpine3.13

Edit: After trying about 10 times, it started!

VS Code does not support alpine images: [code] Does not work with alpine · Issue #3356 · gitpod-io/gitpod · GitHub


Shipping improvements to documentation over at docs(docker): highlight problems with alpine images by ghuntley · Pull Request #771 · gitpod-io/website · GitHub

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