Struggling to deploy with domain name

Hey there,

I’ve been trying to deploy the Self Hosted service onto GCP and found while I am inserting a Domain Name, the application is not connecting.

I have tried the following:

  1. Deploy without a domain name. This has deployed successfully on a separate GCP Project. I am able to authenticate the application with OAuth 2.0 on my GitHub and is working as expected.

  2. Deploying with a subdomain of gitpod. and without a subdomain at my URL. I have bought a domain via Google Domains and have changed the DNS record to point first at the subdomain and secondly at the main Domain route.

On both, I kept receiving an error:
[Error in fetching sampling strategy: Error: connect ECONNREFUSED]

On the GSuite Toolbox:

I could see that both my URL’s are mapped correctly to the Public IP as instructed by the end of the startup script.

Really appreciate any help!

After doing some digging, it looks like it is a HTTP vs HTTPS issue.

Will look at to see if I can resolve it.

I’ve generated the dhparams.pem file, however, I’m not sure where I’m suppose to put it?

Any support would be highly appreciated!

Hi Jordan,

although certificates are not essential to the installation, they are highly recommended.
If you have a public domain, you can use certbot to get them for your domain. Gitpod creates workspaces using subdomains. Therefore you have to get wildcard certificates for, * and * The dhparams.pem is also placed in the same folder as the certificates. The path can be configured in the values.yaml.

    secretName: proxy-config-certificates
    path: secrets/https-certificates/*
    customCerts: true

The path is relative to the helm directory.

Best regards,