Start Docker Build manually?


I know that I can manually trigger a prebuild by using the prebuild prefix in the URL. However only a prebuild is executed in this case, not the underlying Docker image.

I am using a quite big gitpod.Dockerfile, and I am running into an issue that the Docker image is not build after a merge.

Therefore I am looking for a way to force a complete build - including Docker image. Is there any way to accomplish this?

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Hi, you can trigger the docker build by committing a change to the Dockerfile - even a comment will work.

If you want the Dockerfile change to be picked up before the next workspace is opened, you can add an init task to your .gitpod.yml which will trigger a “prebuild” on every commit (including Dockerfile commits) and then the docker build will happen (still just once) in advance of the init task after the Dockerfile commit, instead of in advance of the first workspace start.

Prebuilds require webhooks and additional auth configuration for the Gitpod app on GitHub, so the easiest way to enable all that is to create a Gitpod project for your repo in


Hello Jürgen,

thank you for your answer! Commiting a change to the Dockerfile is technically possible, but obviously I do not want to commit directly to master (see linked issue in my first post). Therefore I am looking for a way to trigger the Docker builds manually.

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from Docker Images not being built after merge back to master · Issue #6927 · gitpod-io/gitpod · GitHub

Hi @j0nes2k
We have not been able to reproduce this. When you merge a branch with a Dockerfile change, the commit on the default (master/main) branch should trigger a new prebuild AND a new docker build before that.

Would you mind sharing your Dockerfile and .gitpod.yml (or even better, a public repo reproducing the issue) so that we can investigate further?