Some type of secrets management -SSH

hello all…

I am really starting to love gitpod. I am working with Kubernetes mainly these days. I am trying to work on testing Kubernetes while in my workspace. One way would be to install kind (kubernetes in docker) but I am not sure if that would work in the workspace.

Another way would be to connect to my REMOTE kubernetes lab via a VERY SECURE ssh tunnel thereby Certificates. The question would be how to safely add them to my workspace without putting them in GIT of course.

Has anyone done anything like this?

Hi @rsliotta, thanks for the kind words! Really cool that you find Gitpod useful.

We use kubectl and docker almost on a daily basis while developing Gitpod in Gitpod, so I think it could work for you too if you’re able to connect your Gitpod workspace to a remote Kubernetes or Docker deployment.

Regarding secrets, they’re typically managed via your personal environment variables in (you can either expose them in all your personal workspaces, or you can expose them only in your personal workspaces for specific repositories with patterns like username/*, org/*, or org/repo).

Tip: If you need these certificates as files, not as environment variables, you can still store them as environment variables and add a .gitpod.yml configuration to your repository that does something like this:

  - command: mkdir -p ~/.ssh && echo $MY_PRIVATE_KEY > ~/.ssh/id_rsa


Too funny… In this thread…

I tried to pass a multiline environment variable for that purpose i.e. the signed certificiate.
I guess I can try to base64 it and see what happens.

Also. By any change have you ever tried to use KIND in gitpod?