Shutdown self-hosted Gitpod cluster?

I have a Gitpod cluster running on GCP (yay!), but noticed that it’s going to cost $250 for the period Jan 1-15. how can I shut down the entire thing gracefully so that I don’t incur these charges?

is there a way to stop everything, but still keep it around if I want to try out Gitpod later, or is it better just to delete everything and build it from scratch later? And if so, is there a script/command that I can run, or do I need to do it manually in the GCP console?


Hi @natea,

yes, depending on your cluster setup Gitpod can have a significant cost-of-ownership.

The easiest way to stop-and-continue-later is to scale all NodePools to 0 nodes: There will still be costs for registry used (if configured) and IP-address usage (if configured), but that should be in the single-digit $ range.

In GCP Console:

  • go to: Kubernetes Engine -> Clusters -> <your Cluster> -> “Nodes”
  • for each Nodepool:
  • “edit”
  • disable auto-scaling
  • set “number of nodes” to 0
  • verify the result of the resizing on “<your Cluster>” -> “Nodes”

Hope that helps!