Several projects running in the same workspace

Hello! I have a application that has many services running in k8s in different projects on GitLab. Is that possible use GitPod to mount several services running at the same time and it work in a single workspace for a developer work on it?
If it´s not possible today, is that someting on the Gitpod´s roadmap?
Thank you!

I’ve approached this issue from both angles:

  • First off, there is the route where you run two separate workspaces. Ports you need to use from another workspace have to be set to public.
  • Secondly, there is the solution you are hinting at above, which is to run them in the same workspace.
    It’s definitely possible to do the latter but I feel like you get less resources per project in this case (not 100% sure though). I’m assuming you have different repo’s for the services at this time? If not, just skip the first step.
  1. Create a monnorepo (you can have all of your services as separate repo’s and use submodules or something similar to pull all of them into one, or even have an empty repo (just Gitpod config) and pull all of your images in in a script run after init.
  2. Define starting commands for all of your services.

Hope this helps!

Hello @erasmuswill ! Thank you for your fast answer. I´m new at this thing and please don´t bother with stupid questions I may ask.

I´m planning to run GitPod in my homeserver, in the first case, is that possible? Should I have a workplace with all the need services to run and the dev can reach the specific project that he is working on it and have all the other services running?
For testing purposes, all the services may run together as like as if the dev could run locally.

thank you

Apologies for not responding sooner; only saw this now.

There is a version you can run locally; for me I want something that JustWorks™ so I opted for the hosted edition.

The easiest way would probably be to have a workspace containing all the services, similar to what it would be if the dev was local. Imagine the pod as a little laptop that can(should) only be used for the one project.
If your services are demanding to build and run (think Angular), it may be worth splitting them into separate pods (if self-hosted, guess you could just increase per-pod resources), but this does increase complexity for the developer.
Also, for clarification, when I say pod, I do mean Gitpod pod, not k8s pod.