Self-hosted workspace dns

I have finally managed to get what looks like a working version of 0.9.0-alpha3 up and running now.

But… anything I do from terminal sessions inside my workspace that needs to access external content, such as yarn installs, docker pulls, etc. are failing because the external hosts cannot be found.

I have not made any changes to the workspace template settings, which look like this:


Anyone know where I should be looking to fix this, either in the gitpod setup or in my k3s cluster?

I am using a k3s cluster managed by Rancher, running in Hetzner Cloud.

:wave:Thomas. We released v0.1.0 last night. If you still interested could you please try that version and we can recommence troubleshooting from there?

@ghuntley thanks for the heads up. Way ahead of you :wink:

I have already spin up 0.10.0 and actually have it working now on a Rancher 2.5.9 managed k3s cluster - and so far it sems to be working as it should. Will be doing more testing today.

I will be adding more details on my setup here: 0.10.0 k3s setup requirements

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