Self-Hosted k8s - Error during WebSocket handshake 302


First off, I love Gitpod, I think it’s the best thing since sliced bread. Unfortunately though, when testing out the self-hosted version, I haven’t had much luck yet. I set up an EKS cluster, and used Helm (v3.2.1) to deploy it. The only values that I changed in the values.yaml is the hostname, and values in authProviders. The deployment is successful (All the pods come up fine), but when I try to access gitpod (I tried at the URL I set up, as well as directly to the ELB, and finally I tried port forwarding locally to hit it). The black screen starts to come up, but I get an error connecting “We are having trouble connecting to the server. Either you are offline or websocket connections are blocked.”. I’ve tried hitting it at /workspaces at well, that doesn’t work either. Has anyone ran into this issue?

Thank you so much!


Hi Ken,
please check your network settings in AWS, especially the firewall rules. I guess that the pods are not able to reach each other.
Best regards,

Hi Wulf!

Thank you for the response! I went ahead and tried setting everything open (temporarily) to all ports,, but still the same issue. I also tried using kubectl to port-forward directly to the proxy service and had the same issue. The 302 error looks like a redirect, I think its trying to redirect ws:// to ws://, and at the point it fails to establish the Websocket connection?

Very strange! :confused:

Hi Ken,
are you using HTTP or HTTPS?

Could this be related to the issues we’ve been having @wulfthimm? In which case could this be fixed via the helm chart edits?