Self Hosted k8s: cannot initialize workspace: cannot connect to workspace daemon v0.6.0

When creating a new workspace, the workspace automatically terminates and returns the following message:

{“error”:“open /workspace/.gitpod/content.json: no such file or directory”,“level”:“info”,“message”:“no content init descriptor found - not trying to run it”,“serviceContext”:{“service”:“supervisor”,“version”:""},“severity”:“INFO”,“time”:“2021-01-19T20:05:21Z”}
{“error”:“Get “http://localhost:23000/”: dial tcp connect: connection refused “,“level”:“info”,“message”:“IDE is not ready yet”,“serviceContext”:{“service”:“supervisor”,“version”:””},“severity”:“INFO”,“time”:“2021-01-19T20:05:21Z”}
bash: cannot set terminal process group (-1): Inappropriate ioctl for device
bash: no job control in this shell

Cannot Initialize workspace: cannot connect to workspace daemon.

Has anyone seen this issue before? If so, what did you do to fix it?

Could it be that it’s this bug?

Could you tell me more about your setting? How did you setup Kubernetes? How many nodes to you have? On which node is ws-manager, on which is ws-daemon / your workspace?

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Hi @corneliusludmann,

It might be. I created a ws-daemon service and bound it to any ws-daemon pod.

apiVersion: v1
kind: Service
  name: ws-daemon
  labels: ws-daemon
  - port: 8080
    protocol: TCP
  selector: ws-daemon

Then I changed the ws-manager-config configmap value to point to the ws-daemon service’s local ip i.e. 10.111.242.XXX instead of ws-daemon. Restarted the ws-manager pod. Not sure if this helped though.

I also hit this error with my self hosted setup.

Current Setup:
3 K8s nodes
1 Control Plane
2 Worker nodes

ws-daemon is on both worker nodes
ws-manager is on the node 102