Self Hosted - 30 Day Trial

I am trying to setup a 30 day trial for the self hosted install…I am using the GCP install script.

I found this link online where I can request a 30 day trial:

However when I try and input this license into my GitPod install it says the license is invalid.

Since I did not do the helm install or provide values, is there some config map or secret where I should update this?

Hi @PirateBread! Thanks for asking. We’re looking into this…

@PirateBread you can actually use Gitpod Self-Hosted on you own infrastructure for free :tada:

I guess you’ve used this script:

If you want to use more features like unlimited prebuilds, shared workspaces, snapshots, and the admin board, feel free to purchase a license here:

Let us know, if we can help you