Running Java tests from the workspace

I’ve just started playing with Gitpod with a very simple Java Maven project with a few tests, .
Now I’d like to be able to run JUnit tests directly from the IDE, not with a Maven command, and by looking at this issue 3003 from eclipse-theia/theia (related to Theia, so I seem to understand it should work also with Gitpod), it should be enough to install this extension .
I did that in the Gitpod workspace, and the gitpod file has also been updated:

    - vscjava.vscode-java-test@0.24.1:adMLnibuhohxpDp7AmLe9g==

However, in the status bar I see “Activating Java Test Runner” on and on, and no test can be run.

Am I missing something?

Sorry for the newbie question…

thanks in advance

There were bugs related to running this extension in Theia. They are fixed, but have not been deployed yet in Gitpod Theia.

OK, great to know it wasn’t me :wink:
may I have the link to this issue so that I can follow it to know when it is ready, please?

The problem is still there, isn’t it?

Hi, yes. We are planning to release new Theia hopefully this month.