Root Error .Help Please

Hello Guys i have many problems with my Gitpod .Probably its too many for me maybe anyone know something about , How to fix it and what is wrong with that ?
c56985cd-03e2-4616-b3eb-f62052a7ecb7 - My workspace Id

My Developer Console is full of Errors
The same is with Warnings I am not sure how everything work here thats why I need help:
I was wondering . Why my Css doasnt work ?
is that the problem ?
if enyone can help me i will really aprecieted

Anyone knows whats happening there and how i can solve that problems ?

What exactly is your problem? Is something not working right?

Hello :wave: Unfortunately, it is expected that dev console can have some errors and warnings. Could you clarify please from the user perspective: what you are trying to achieve and what does not work. Thank you.

My Css is not working again .
now at all i cannot fix it by changing folders i checked every possibility to fix it i cannot use pictures which i am adding to my workspace i need to take adress from the google .
I was working with my project few days i had the same problem before but i changed folder for css , i put it to folder with the html sides and everything was fine .
Then my logo img stoped working i tried to fix it by changing my folder again and everything stop working after all i am not sure what i have to do . I know before bootstrap didnt work but
i thought that is not an issue as i can do my project by simple html and css .