Replace default Theia IDE in GitPod

Is there a way to replace the standard Theia IDE that comes with Gitpod by a modified version? Right now it seems that one can only extend Theia by additional plugins (VS-Code extensions) but not Theia extensions that require a recompilation of the entire IDE.

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We are working on allowing that, but for now it is not possible without forking and rebuilding everything. The reason is that Theia extensions are compile-time extensions.


Thanks for your reply Sven! Using Gitpod with a modified/branded Theia application could be an interesting feature. My first approach was bundling a custom Theia application together with an extended gitpod/workspace-full Docker image that can be set as default IDE in gitpod.yml configuration. Maybe this is a feasible future solution but of course doesn’t work yet.

We have started working on supporting this. Will take a bit of time though.
You can follow

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We have now a possibility to provide a docker image in private beta.
To anyone who is interested: please reach out to if you are interested and explain your use case. Thanks