Registry-facade and proxy pods stuck at ContainerCreating

I’ve been trying to deploy the helm chart gitpod-0.5.0-rc6 on DigitalOcean managed kubernetes cluster version 1.18.8-do.1, the chart deploys successfully except for the registry-facade and proxy pods getting stuck at ContainerCreating, here is a screenshot of the pods outputs:

I followed the guide and generated the certs using Let’s Encrypt, what am I missing??

All help is appreciated, thanks in advance.

certificates not applied to gitlab/kubernetes

in centos I did

kubectl create secret generic proxy-config-certificates --from-file=secrets/https-certificates

where PEM and CRT file is in secrets/https-certificates

self hosted should automatically create that secret as per instructions here

but not entirely sure if 0.50-rc6 does that

Thanks for your swift response! I got past the issue :heavy_check_mark: but i noticed that the image-builder pod keeps restarting, after inspecting the logs i found this error:

{"message":"enabled JSON logging","serviceContext":{"service":"image-builder","version":""},"severity":"info","time":"2020-11-11T10:52:11Z"} ││ {"message":"enabled verbose logging","serviceContext":{"service":"image-builder","version":""},"severity":"info","time":"2020-11-11T10:52:11Z"} ││ {"message":"FIXME: Got an status-code for which error does not match any expected type!!!: -1","module":"api","severity":"debug","status_code":"-1","tim ││ {"message":"Cannot connect to the Docker daemon at tcp://localhost:2375. Is the docker daemon running?","serviceContext":{"service":"image-builder","ver ││ stream closed

is this a related issue or should i open another topic?
also i feel that the 0.50-rc6 chart is somehow unfinished/unstable, am i better off with a previous version?


the version I got working is as follows in values.yaml

version: 0.5.0


i think your issue is with the the image-builder part

in values.yaml

  name: externaldocker-url
  secretName: image-builder-registry-secret

and also

secretName: image-builder-registry-secret

together with this

what if i’m using the builtin registry?

sorry, cant help you with internal registry, i just found it simpler to work with an external docker registry