Quotation marks are added to environment variables

I am experiencing a bug in gitpod tasks.
Quotation marks are added to the environment variables specified in .gitpod.yml file.


  1. Open this repository in gitpod.
  2. “Backend” task fails.
  3. Run echo $DATABASE_URL in the failed “Backend” terminal.

$DATABASE_URL should be postgres://localhost/postgres, not "postgres://localhost/postgres".

Hi @0916dhkim, welcome to our Gitpod Community!

I’ve had a play around with your repo and could replicate your issue.

The only thing that got it working for me was removing the env variables from .gitpod.yml and creating variables via Dashboard — Gitpod. It’s a bit more manual work, but it was the only way around I could find for now.

This definitely does look like a bug, can you raise an issue here?

Thank you for looking into it. I will open an issue in the GitHub repo :+1:

Cheers for this! :slight_smile:

I have the same problem. I have added a comment on the bug.


It looks like the fix is already merged and waiting for deployment!

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