Python init prebuild not working


Prebuilds in python are not working at all for me, and I am following exactly what the docs advise. My problem is even reproducible in the official gitpod pandas example.

The prebuild looks like this:

   - init: pip3 install -r requirements.txt
     command: python3 src/

When I launch any type of workspace that has this sort of prebuild for the first time, it seems to work. However, the second time that I launch it, the init has not been saved; what this means here is that the python packages are not present and the command fails because of import errors.

I have been struggling with this for a couple days now and I found other inconsistencies with the docs. Namely, My pyenv is never saved. This is impossible to work with because I have to reinstall everything each time I reopen a workspace…

Thanks for your quick help, I can’t do any Gitpod work while this is not fixed…


GitHub issue here.

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Also tracking in Python packages not persisting between workspace restarts · Issue #7077 · gitpod-io/gitpod · GitHub