Python "cannot assign requested address"

My webserver in my gitpod below is “unable to bind to an address”. Has anyone encountered this before?

OSError: [Errno 99] error while attempting to bind on address ('::1', 8080, 0, 0): cannot assign requested address

I’ve been unable to replicate this — what command are you running to start your server?

Thanks for the prompt response!

From .gitpod.yml:

  - init: pip install -r examples/PlainPython/ChartsAltair/requirements.txt
    command: trame examples/PlainPython/ChartsAltair/

So the command is trame examples/PlainPython/ChartsAltair/ Here, trame is a wrapper for python (substituting python in gives the same error for me).

When you say you are unable to replicate this, do you mean you get a different result when clicking the link to this repo? I’d be very curious what output you see instead in that case.

I think it was also trying to bind to the cluster IP(check /etc/hosts for reference) that you don’t have the privilege to, hence fails.

I was able to run it by specifying the localhost IP manually like so:

trame -i examples/PlainPython/ChartsAltair/

Hope this helps!

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That helps a lot! Thank you both!

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