Project "already taken"?

When setting up gitpod with my different git provider accounts I messed some stuff up and caused a bug in VSCode. To get rid of that, I simply deleted all my gitpod accounts and recreated them. Maybe that was a bad idea, because it seems that now I can’t promote one of my github repos to gitpod project status - gitpod’s UI always reminds me that my repo is “already taken”.

Can I somehow delete the old project or ask for it to be migrated to my new gitpod account? Or do I need a support ticket for that? Where can I open one of those?

I assume that for the same reason even though I don’t have any teams the UI tells me “A team with this name already exists”?

Hey @j-frost! :wave: Nice to see you here too!

Could you send us a screenshot of what you’re seeing? It’d help us a lot with finding a solution for you!

Hey @Pauline! You got it. When I try to create a project for j-frost/crispy-parakeet, I see


I can’t upload more than one image per post, so I think I’ll have to continue in another reply, sorry.

However as you can see, I can’t see it in my projects:

And I’m also not part of any teams, but I can’t create this team either:

I suspect it has something to do with me deleting re-creating my gitpod account once or twice at the start.

Hey @j-frost! There was indeed an issue with cleaning up when you deleted your other account. We’ve now cleaned that up for you, could you try again?

Hey @Pauline! I was able to create the project, but something seems wrong with prebuilds:

Opening a workspace and then another doesn’t really change this either.

Hey @j-frost - that is odd. I’ve not seen any issues with prebuilds today. Do you have a repo that I can investigate further?

Yup @Pauline. In this case I was using a test repo of mine:

Are you still seeing the issue now?

Also, I could not see a .gitpod.yml file in that repo!

Oh I just clicked “New project”. Gitpod offered to configure a prebuild, and then that screenshot happened @Pauline. Also yes, the issue currently persists.

Sorry for the confusion! I just remembered which part of the UI you were in. :see_no_evil: I just forked your repo and selected it from the Projects UI, this is what I can see.

What happens when you try to just run the workspace? Does it throw an error there as well? It actually reminds me of a similar issue someone else had the other day. Relevant discussion here It might be worth “forcing” a pre-build as I described in that thread or creating a new branch and seeing if that works.

OK so maybe I was just too impatient. Everything seems to work like I would have expected it to now :slight_smile:

I say impatient because for a while there the issue with the team still showing up as “already existing” persisted. All cleared up now though.

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Hi :wave: I am also having this “already taken” issue both on my personal and teams account.

Edit: I’ve never deleted my account and re-created it.

Hey @chitchu, can you send us an email at with the email/account that use?