Possible to Provide Gitpod in arm64 or the Dockerfiles?

I stupidly purchased 5 Raspberry Pi 4’s without checking to see the arch of the images used in a self-hosted setup and of course most of them are amd64. Would it be possible to provide arm64 as well? Or would it be possible to provide the Dockerfiles that are used and I could just build them with arm64 support.

I would love to get my own self-hosted Gitpod going since I just spent all this money on these :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Bump? Any possibility on this?

Hi @astuffedtiger,
buying Raspberry Pi’s is always a smart choice. Unfortunately only amd64 platforms are supported by Gitpod. But there is undoubtedly a rising demand for servers and cloud infrastructure based on the arm64 architecture. Therefore I think that there definitely will be a discussion about the support of arm64.

That would be really awesome! I’d be happy to do any testing as well, just let me know!

If you want to try Gitpod on an own platform, the main cloud-provider like GCP, AWS or Azure offer free accounts with limited resources which are sufficient to run Gitpod. Although GCP is the only officially supported provider, I could support you to run Gitpod on other providers.

Yeah, the default deployment (following the Gitpod docs) to GCP chewed through about $200 in one day, so that’s definitely not a viable solution (at least not for me). Going to DigitalOcean cost about $100 a month or so, again, too much. I’m hoping the project could be built for ARM64, however in the mean time, I’ve gotten a couple bare metal boxes to play with Gitpod on.

As mentioned, don’t hesitate to let me know if you do get it going on ARM64 - I’d be happy to do any testing with these Raspberry Pi 4s :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Just thinking out loud here. If the dockerfiles provided in the repo can be built on ARM. If we self host it on arm machines(like graviton for example) shouldn’t the builds automatically be ARM based?

I have a “garage-cluster” composed of a cloud server old pcs and raspberry PIs, so I’m definitely interested in ARM Docker image too!