Please improve the teams feature

I have remote coworkers on a project, and want them to use GitPod. For this, the teams option looks nice, because I can pay the bill for my coworkers. But when creating the team, I was a bit disappointed by the options and workflow to how teams are managed.

  1. I the “Team” logic is confusing and bad to use.
    I can create one team for each pricing option. So the team has nothing to do with my organisational structures but with your pricing plans. When I want to change the plan for a member, I have to remove this member from one team and add him to another team.

  2. I have to buy the license upfront, even if it is not used. That feels kind of paying extra.
    It feels strange, to select a number of seats and buy them, without inviting someone.

  3. The pricing is not flexible enough. When I have team members with a part time contract I’d like to add a personal license with the 100h limit.

I’d be more happy with a much simpler UI. Just having “Team” section (singular) where I can add / invite members would be great. Whenever I add someone, I individually select a plan for this team member. To manage my team members, I have a simple list with each member, his plan and the next billing date. When I select details, I get usage stats and options to change the plan or remove the person from my team. When a person is removed, the license is pooled for the rest of the period and removed at the end of the period automatically. When a person is added, the license is added as well (or taken from the pool, if there is still a license available).

You can add some bulk options for users who want to add multiple people at once with the same plan for each. Or for removing many people at once.

Maybe you could also consider a PayAsYouGo plan, where I pay by running hour of a Pod.

And please avoid double payment for a user that has his own plan. I’d suggest that the user can select if he uses the team-seat or his own plan. And only one of them is billed. Or even better, a user is able to upgrade the plan by himself. From Professional to Unleashed. (Or when available: from “personal” to professional).

Thanks & keep improving :slight_smile: ,

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Fully agree and we are already redesigning it. Will take probably two iterations (two months) until it lands, though. Thanks for the feedback :pray: