Please help me uninstall an extension?

as I am not able to?

From all the reloading, you can also see the resources are at 90% and now I will have to kill the whole workspace.

Guys, fair question - am I using GitPod incorrectly? I seem to not be able to continuously work for a few hours without something interrupting my workflow.

There is a bug: code: uninstalling extensions does not work always · Issue #3342 · gitpod-io/gitpod · GitHub

Just wait a bit before clicking reload that uninstall is synced to server.

Sorry for inconvenience.

Yeah, no matter how long I wait, the extension is always installed back (I also triple checked .gitpod.yml, not there either), but it seems it’s only TabNine.

I was able to uninstall Bookmarks and Code Spell Checker - but after a Workspace timeout all the uninstalled extensions are installed back.

I would like think that uninstalling extensions will take them out of sync as well, but it seems it isn’t so?

A bit radical, but if you go to user data sync view and try to reset your data completely does it help? Be aware it will revert all your custom settings and extension :frowning: You can also see changes done by setting sync to extensions file to investigate what goes wrong or revert some changes.

I suppose if I copy my settings.json and paste it after, it should be the same right?

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