Please bring Theia back

I just found out I can’t open my workspaces with Theia anymore. And VSCode is plainly bad. There isn’t even a “paste” option, so I can’t copy-paste code from my own files ¿?

There is a paste option. Check your browser permissions and allow the site access to your clipboard


Hey @M-Gonzalo! We’ve phased out Theia as an option during the last few months (#4614 Jun 2021 :arrow_forward: #5511 Sep 2021) in the dashboard because a) VS Code seemed like a better option and b) this would help us focus on our product vision and mission to push forward ephemeral cloud-based dev environments which does not solely focus on the IDEs.

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Cross-posting also the following from the relevant roadmap item:

Theia has been the only interface to Gitpod workspaces. While it is very powerful and close to VS Code it is not VS Code. Keeping up with VS Code has been a lot of effort while there is no real value for Gitpod users to use Theia if they really would like to use VS Code. Since VS Code changed their architecture within their open source code base to support running in browsers (codespaces needed that) we can use that same architecture.

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However, we’re also considering to provide an option in the future to support custom IDE images which would allow users to bring in IDEs like Theia or any other IDE as an editor option.