Hi all,

The existing gitpod phpmyadmin repositories I found were broken, incomplete and/or outdated so I built a new one from an existing project of mine.

If you want a quick and easy, auto configured phpmyadmin setup on gitpod, you can try apolopena/gitpod-phpmyadmin.
Try it out on on

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Hi @Devz3n,

Many thanks for reporting the broken projects, and for building a new and better one! :100:

@shaal maybe another good candidate repository for GitHub - shaal/awesome-gitpod: A curated list of awesome Gitpod resources. ? :slight_smile:

EDIT: I’ve also proposed adding it to the “PHP in Gitpod” guide Add to 'PHP in Gitpod' guide by jankeromnes · Pull Request #767 · gitpod-io/website · GitHub