Open terminal

Hello. Is there any way to open a new terminal in VS Code and execute a command using code or command line?

Hi @amulobaev ,

I’m not sure I understand:

  • Do you mean from inside the IDE? Then it’s as easy as F1Create new terminalenter
  • Or automatically on workspace startup? Then you can find documentation over here

Hope that helps!

Hi @geropl
Just an example: we can open URL inside VS Code using command ‘/ide/bin/code --command gitpod.api.preview URL’.
Is it possible to use the same or another approach to start some script (or command) inside a new terminal in VS Code?

--command is most likely going to be remove in upsteam (original VS Code)

You can provide VS Code extension that creates new terminals.

Hi @akosyakov
I tried a few commands, i.e. ‘’ and it worked.
But I was not able to pass any arguments, i.e. the following command does not accept ‘name’ argument in any format:

code --command workbench.action.terminal.renameWithArg ...

As I said, don’t rely on code --command. It is not complete and likely will be removed.