Open Readme in Preview on Start/Launch?

I’d like my students to click the “Open in Gitpod” button and have the workspace IDE show the preview of the file on launch. How should I go about it?

To be clear, I just want the preview, not the file editor. The idea is that they open the workspace and then the directions in the readme are right there for them to follow.

Hey @chuck-alt-delete! Thank you for your question.

We’ve been asked this before as you can see here But unfortunately, it is currently not supported.

Feel free to raise a feature request however.

Thanks for using Gitpod!

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Hi @chuck-alt-delete

The easiest way to achieve this is using VScode built-in functionality -
Use the menu to select
File -> Preferences -> Settings
type in the search bar that opens
and select Workspace

This is how it looks like, and you can choose or another custom file to open.

The result of it is in a file you should commit back to your repo -

    "workbench.startupEditor": "readme"
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Sweet! I’ll try it out. Didn’t know Vs code had this. Thanks!

For some reason, it’s opening a blank workspace rather than the readme preview. Check it out:

From what I understand, the preview of should automatically open, but it doesn’t. Not sure if this is a gitpod problem or a vs code problem.

Let me try take a look

Not sure why it wasn’t working before, but it seems to be working now. Weird. Cool! I’ll close this