Open ports will not move out of the 'detecting' state

On all of my workspaces, none of the ports in the Open Ports list will move beyond the ‘detecting’ state.


I’m trying to work on a web application for my course, so being unable to open up ports is a bit of a showstopper.

@BWeeks101, thanks for reporting. I’m checking…

Thanks Alex

Additional info if it helps: This is affecting all of my workspaces. I have tried deleting a workspace and recreating it, but it did not resolve the issue.

@BWeeks101, it looks like the Open Ports feature was quite busy ATM. It’s already recovering. Let us know if it’s still an issue.

Ok - I’ve still got ports undetected atm. Should I restart the workspace, or just be patient?

Can confirm this is still an ongoing issue. image

Hi @AlexTugarev, I can also confirm that this is still an issue, and per slack channels it’s affecting multiple people.

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There appears to be at least one course affected. And the issue was reported here:

At the moment we can’t just solve the issue, which will disappear as soon as Open Port requests get back to normal again.

Any idea how long it may take to clear?

We’re working on a hotfix already.

Thanks Alex.

Any update on this? I am also having the same issues at a crucial part of my project.

Hi @craigmantona, apologies for this problem. We’re still working on this, and are looking to deploy a fix tomorrow.

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This issue has now been sorted for me : )