Online workspace going offline inadvertently

Twice today, while working online on a repo, my Gitpod workspace went offline - and stayed offline.
Any suggestions on how to prevent this?

I have faced the same problem too, quite a few times now… :slightly_frowning_face:

Hi @sherylg343, thank you for reporting this problem, and sorry for the bad experience.

When the workspaces went offline, were you actively doing work in them? (I.e. was the workspace tab visible, and were you moving the mouse or typing on your keyboard in it?) I ask because Gitpod will automatically stop workspaces where no activity has been detected for more than 30 minutes (or, if you’ve actively closed the tab, the workspace will be stopped if it hasn’t been re-opened within 5 minutes of tab-closing).

  • If the workspace tab was left inactive, and timed out, I’m sorry about that. Note that you can always restart a stopped workspace from (or you can create as many new workspaces as you need – we typically always create a new workspace for each coding session, sometimes even multiple times per day, as we find that more convenient)

  • If you were actively using the workspace when it stopped, then that’s an unexpected problem in Gitpod. It could be related to a US cluster incident that we saw at around the same time as your report, if you use Gitpod from North America.

In any case, this should never happen to workspaces in which you are doing semi-active work (i.e. Gitpod detected some sort of activity in the workspace within the last 30 minutes).

@x0rzavi That doesn’t sound good. Did your workspaces get stopped while you were actively using them? If so, how frequently does this happen?

If possible, please provide workspace IDs, and approximate times when such events happen, as this could help uncover a potential new bug.

In both situations it occurred while I was working, actively. In one case, while I was typing. I didn’t note times, I will do so in the future. And I was using Gitpod NA. Thanks for addressing issue.

It’s Monday, July 6 and it just happened again at 1:27 EST. I was pasting code into a javascript file. And I had typed in the workspace within the last 1-2 minutes. This is workspace I’ve been working on: Please help - this is getting tedious!

Hi @sherylg343, sorry about this very annoying issue. We’ve investigated the logs of your workspace, and we now believe that somehow you were able to continue using your workspace after your Gitpod session cookie expired, causing Gitpod to ignore the heartbeats sent by your workspace, and then consider it timed out after 30 minutes.

This is a bug in Gitpod: Typically, the session cookie is automatically refreshed by any* page, but it should also get auto-refreshed by the IDE itself, e.g. if you only use workspace URLs without ever going back to* pages.

In the meantime, in order to make sure that your workspace stops timing out that way, you can try to visit any* page (and sign in if needed), e.g.:

Just loading any of these pages once will refresh your session cookie (valid for 3 days), and ensure that your workspace heartbeats work properly, keeping your workspace from timing out.

Thanks - this is so helpful. I have been loading workspaces from github repo list so this makes sense. I will make sure I make the change. Thanks for the great followup!

Unfortunately, your solution has not resolved my problem. I am consciously logging into the workspace from the gitpod wokspace page. However yesterday (7/8) at 3:07pm EST my workspace went offline and it just happened again while I was typing in changes. It happened today (7/9) about 11:16 or 11:17 am EST. Can you look further into this issue? Thank you! Sheryl

I have been working on this repo several times a week and it goes offline once or twice DAILY while using - usually occurs while I’m scrolling or typing so it’s NOT due to inactivity. I’m signing in through gitpod workspace each day as directed. Can you look at this again as this problem has been occurring regularly for 3 weeks?

Update: Tuesday, July 28 - offline occurred about 8 hours ago, again at 6:12 pm and 8:19pm - all EST. I’ve been sent offline 3 times today while I was active in the repo.

Hi @sherylg343,

That sounds bad. Sorry about that. I’ll continue the investigations on your very unique case. Could you please provide some information about your browser? What browser do you use? Do you have some special browser settings or browser plugins (esp. regarding privacy or security)?

Do you see a message when the workspace stops? Maybe you could provide a screenshot?