Omnisharp Dotnet Extension broken

There seems to be an issue with the C# Omnisharp extension and the Samsung debugger:

Downloading package 'OmniSharp for Linux (x64)' (36680 KB).................... Done!

Validating download...

Integrity Check succeeded.

Installing package 'OmniSharp for Linux (x64)'

Downloading package '.NET Core Debugger (linux / x64)' Failed to download from Error code '404')

Retrying from '' (NaN KB) Done!

Installing package '.NET Core Debugger (linux / x64)'

Failed at stage: installPackage

Hi @dunnry and thanks for reaching out.

Would you mind providing a minimal, reproducible example?

Sure. Steps:

  1. Open any Gitpod workspace.
  2. Add the C# Extension or any Extension that depends on it (e.g. Ionide F#).

You will see the error. It does this with any repository for me, but here is one I tried 20 mins ago randomly:

Hi @dunnry :wink:

it seems like you’re bitten by this issue
Unfortunately, it looks like the only fix is a kernel update. So we have to either wait until GCP provides that or run our workspace clusters on a different Kubernetes engine (we’re actually working on that, but no ETA yet).
In the meantime, you could work around that by running dotnet in a docker container, as described in this comment

Hope that helps

I saw that issue and was definitely bitten by it when trying to compile the code, but this one was failing to download an extension with a 404 error. I thought perhaps it was something else.

Thanks Jan - I’ll wait a bit and give it a go later when the kernel is updated.

Seems like the free-ominisharp-vscode extension is trying to download its dependencies from an outdated location. YOu might want to upvote

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