Oauth doesnt work

OK im trying to run gitpod on my own in test environment. but i cant get oauth to work with selfhosted instance of gitlab. all i get from gitpod logs is failed to obtain token but other apps using that instances oauth provider thing work

going trought logs of server pod i can provide the following information:

it starts the auth login process
it recieves first auth provider callback on the path /auth/bigpodgitlab/callback
then 3rd log message says (Auth-with-gitlab.local) OAuth2 callback call.
then last log message about this just simply says (Auth-with-gitlab.local) redirect to /sorry from verify callback and the error is InternalOAuthError: Failed to obtain access token

and after doing some more formatting of the document i found out some more info from the error message specificly oauthError unable to verify the the first certificate code: ‘UNABLE_TO_VERIFY_LEAF_SIGNATURE’

Hey @bigpod, this seems to be using also a self-hosted GitLab instance, right?

Are you using self-signed certificates? Found this issue[1] and linked pull request[2] that could be related. Cc @jgallucci32 @geropl @corneliusludmann

yea im using self-signed certificate and now that makes sense for some reason i was expecting that it would try and use the one in https-certificates