No ways to stop/delete a workspace failed to launch on

No ways for a user to stop/delete a workspace once failed to launch on

The workspace failed to be launched shows preparing.

Workspace ID: white-locust-910u5jgq

That workspace occupies one (concurrency) of (concurrent) parallel workspaces for each plan.

Due to this, you can launch only 3 workspaces left if you have 4 concurrency of parallel workspaces with your plan.

Hey @tnir! Sorry for this. I’ll have a look.

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Thank you. It stays on my workspace list for 5 hours with “Preparing” status.

Sorry I haven’t achieved anything for you yet. :pensive: I keep on it.

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Hey @tnir!

Sorry about that – this is likely a bug we’ll need to fix in Gitpod. Meanwhile, I’ve manually forced your workspace instance to “Stopped”, so your dashboard should be back to normal.

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